Bed-Don Bed-Don


In the early 1980's founding partners recognized a need in the construction market for a rebar producer who could do more than provide fabricated steel. What was needed was someone who could provide steel in short-order, acknowledging the hectic reality of construction projects. This need was the basis for founding Bec-Don.

In 1985, William "Bill" Casey and Terry Owens created Bec-Don. In a leased industrial space not much larger than an oversized garage in Lithonia, Georgia, Bec-Don was formed. With help from time to time by various family members, Bill and Terry were able to get the business started. By focusing initially on creating relationships and building credibility with contractors -- mostly in the residential construction market -- Bec-Don was able to quickly grow, and out-grow it's Lithonia location.

Bec-Don moved to downtown Conyers, Georgia, where it stayed for almost a decade. Building on the relationships formed and proven ability to delivery high quality, high value service, the partners were able leverage their past successes and expand into the broader commercial and industrial markets.

In 1995, Bill and Terry decided to make (assumedly) their last move for the Atlanta operation. They acquired 8 acres in Oxford, GA -- only 10 minutes from their Conyers location -- and built the 30,000+ square foot facility that is currently home to Bec-Don.

Thru the years, Bec-Don has grown along with many of its customers. As our customers mature, so does Bec-Don. Our success depends on our ability to ensure the success of each of our customers' projects. If you succeed, we succeed!